Why Should You Recycle Your Old Devices?


Selling your old electronic devices will Reduce the amount of non biodegradable waste in landfills.


World Wide Cells focuses on re-selling your used electronic devices to organizations that can benefit from the re-use of the device.


Organizations that recycle or sell their old devices can use the revenue generated from the recycled devices to provide funding for new programs or devices.

Additional Information

Over 200 million cell phones are thrown in the garbage every year, approx 1.8 million tons. World Wide Cells recognizes the need for consumers to have a resource to replace there obsolete electronics. We are happy to provide several convenient drop-off locations & also provide easy ship in options for those clients not in any of our markets.
Although electronics may not have any direct resale value to our clients, donating those electronics could be a tax write off, keeps E-waste our of landfills, & provides our organizations with needed materials and financing for programs.

How It Works

Step 1

Find your device.

Step 2

Drop-Off or send your device to us for Free.

Step 3

Get Paid.